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Terry Amburgey
"Acid Beach"


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Our online gallery features artists who release their limited edition giclee prints with help from Each print is genuine museum quality Giclee and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
(200 years longevity guaranteed.)
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Giclée is the most popular fine art reproduction technique in the modern art world. The word Giclée is also associated with the final product of the technique, which is a museum quality print on fine art paper or canvas. is proud to present great artists whose private collections include many famous names, who's art is carried by museums and galleries internationally.

Alexander Zakharov is recognized as a master of miniature. His audience includes
Jillian Anderson, David Bowie, Sir Otto Bismark, Nicholas Cage, Anne Hech, Whoopi Goldberg,
Patrick Merrimack, Sir Oliver Stone,
Barbara Shuman, Harry Wolf

Zorikto Dorzhiev, mongolian decent artist, is inspired by cultural heritage of his ancestors. His paintings and pencil drawing tell beautiful stories about Mongolian fierce warriors, demure virgins, kings & his concubines.
Rich DiSlivio has always been passionate about art, architecture, history and music. He earned a degree in Art & Design. His attention to detail and love for open spaces make his paintings draw fantasies about ideally beautiful and clean future.
Nadia Smirnova-Mierau is educated in science and in art. This combination contributes to her art and translates into abstract and realistic, sometimes surreal approach to subject matter. Unique mixture of techniques, such as batik, oil, acrylic, collage, as well as sophisticated color palette make her paintings really special.
Armand Vanderstigchel is a celebrity chef, writer, musician and photographer. His nature and food photography featured in many magazines and books. Rock & Roll photo giclee edition is fascinating.
30 years old concert pictures of famous bands Queen, Black Subbath, Doobie brothers express young man's passionate love for rock music.
Oleg Neishtadt has a way with color and technique. His paintings are surreal and vibrant. They capture your attention with one glance.
Bruce Passen is a second generation photographer, which means genetically perfected creative vision. He has been a professional photographer all his life. His landscapes and flowers are mesmerizing, his photo collages and abstracts make your imagination run wild. He is very dedicated to his love of fine art photography. 
Ruben Bore's interest in art started at four while his parents were decorating their home. He began drawing and painting shortly after this. Since than he has been a featured artist at many exhibitions, such as; An "Impressionism" exhibit at the Gallerie de Monica in Paris (1989), The "Sunshine" exhibition at the Via de Sogno in Rome (1997), "The Carol Schwartz Gallery in Philadelphia, (1998).
Catherine Sylvester's watercolors reflect both traditional and contemporary techniques. Her still life paintings express amazing detail, her brush strokes only enhance each of the images.
Olegi Osepaishvili is a great artist, his art expressed a deep connection with his Georgian origin. His oil paintings show a subtle sense of humor and deep inner passion. His work has been displayed in Russia Georgia, USA, France and Italy. His paintings are part of private collections in many countries all around the world.

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