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Oleg Neishtadt
"The Robe"


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The advanced quality of Giclee artwork reproduction makes it the top choice over older, inferior techniques. With almost total control over the final product, Giclee printing gives artists more freedom than ever before. Individual requirements can easily be accommodated for each client/buyer, including changes in size, color, what the image is printed on, and alterations within the image itself.
When printed on canvas, the print can be beautifully stretched, varnished, textured, or gallery wrapped – which is a very popular choice among artists recently. When printed on paper, a client/buyer has the choice of which type is used with the option of varnishing or deckling. All finished pieces resemble the original work so closely that they often look identical and are hard to distinguish from one another.
We gladly consult and educate each of our clients/buyers about the Giclee industry, fine art publishing, and copyright laws. Certificates of authenticity are supplied to our clients/buyers to ensure that their print is of the highest quality. We also help artists in putting their work out there and increasing sales by connecting them with galleries and by featuring their work in our own fine art Giclee gallery website.
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Zorikto Dorzhiev (Moscow)

Zorikto Dorzhiev Zorikto Dorzhiev was born in 1976 in Ulan Ude (Siberia). From 1991 to 1996 he studied in Bury at Republican College of Arts, Ulan-Ude. From 1996 to 2002 he studied in Krasnoyarsk State Institute of Arts, painting department, in prof. A. M. Znak studio. From 2003 to 2005 he developed himself in The Russian Academy of Arts (the Urals, Siberia and the Far East branch), studio of A. P. Levitin. Zorikto’s artworks are kept in private collections in Russia, the USA, Germany and Australia.

Before Sleep Capricorn Concubines-Monday Concubines-Tuesday Concubines-Wednesday Concubines-Thursday Concubines-Friday Concubines-Saturday Concubines-Sunday Contemplator

Terry Amburgey (New York)

Terry Amburgey Terry Amburgey is an advanced fine art photographer and a poet, who has displayed his artworks in many galleries of Manhattan, Long Island, Los Angeles, Cincinnati, as well as abroad, in Canada and Germany.

bouquet-for-you bouquet-today Dawn Light Leaf Fall Train Station {B} Home Flower Acid Beach Autumn Gone Beach Glow

Ruben Bore (New York)

Ruben Bore Ruben Bore's interest in art started at four while his parents were decorating their home. He began drawing and painting shortly after this. Since than he has been a featured artist at many exhibitions, such as; An "Impressionism" exhibit at the Gallerie de Monica in Paris (1989), The "Sunshine" exhibition at the Via de Sogno in Rome (1997), "The Carol Schwartz Gallery in Philadelphia, (1998).

At Sunset Bianco & Nero Bitter Secrestat Carnaval Concert de la Pepiniere Favorite Place Fursy Gallery De La Ile Impasse Clisson Into the past

Olegi Osepaishvili (New York)

Olegi Osepaishvili Olegi Osepaishvili is a great artist, his art expressed a deep connection with his Georgian origin. His oil paintings show a subtle sense of humor and deep inner passion. His work has been displayed in Russia Georgia, USA, France and Italy. His paintings are part of private collections in many countries all around the world.

At Night Before Holiday Bride & Groom Complete Family 1 Complete Family 2 Children (Deti) Day Off Dinner In Tavern Dirty Dancing Dream

Oleg Neishtadt (New York, Paris, Rome)

Oleg Neishtadt Oleg Neishtadt has a way with color and technique. His paintings are surreal and vibrant. They capture your attention with one glance.

Big Iris City Salsa 2 Dance Of Death Dancer East Village Dance Graphic Dance Of Death Leg Play Magic Veile Moscow Kiss New York Dream

Nadia Mierau (New York)

Nadia Mierau Nadia is educated in both sciences and in art. This attributes to her love for the combination of realistic and abstract, sometimes surreal approach to her paintings and collages. Unique use of color and love for inovative techniques makes her art different. One of the techniques, she was in particular fond of is batik. Combination of creatively controlled forms in an artwork with spontaneous details appearing due to the use of hot wax and fabric dyes in this technique was fascinating to her.

Feeling The Universe Infinite Inspiration 1 Cool Way Through Magnificent Beauty Peaceful World Forever French Nostalgia Spanish Entrance Space Still-life Naked Fall Cute Moonlight Galactic Wind

Jean François Millet

Jean François Millet Jean Francois Millet (October 4, 1814 - January 20 1875) was a famous French painter. He is celebrated for his scenes of peasant farmers. Millet was one of the founders and leaders of the Barbizon school of painters in rural France. He can be labeled as part of two movements - 'Naturalism' and 'Realism'.

Frederic Remington

Frederic Remington Frederic Sackrider Remington (October 4, 1861 - December 26, 1909) was an American artist who specialized in the portrayal of the Old American West. He focused on the last quarter of the 19th century and images of the U.S. Cavalry, cowboys, and Indians. Along with being a painter, he was also an illustrator, a writer, and a sculptor.

Fred Kelly (Freeport)

Fred Kelly

Alexander Zakharov (New York)

Alexander Zakharov Alexander Zakharov is recognized as a master of miniature. His audience includes Jillian Anderson, David Bowie, Sir Otto Bismark, Nicholas Cage, Anne Hech, Whoopi Goldberg, Patrick Merrimack, Sir Oliver Stone, Barbara Shuman, Harry Wolf.

Adrenalin Awaiting Baby Elephant Balloons Barbie Between Two Worlds Bird Hunter Brave Teddy Bubbles Butterfly Fish

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