Limited edition giclee prints. FAQ. What is Giclee? What is a certificate of authenticity?

  » Oct 22, 2017  

Terry Amburgey
"Leaf Fall"


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Artists commonly use the Giclee printing processes to create high end limited edition reproductions of their original artwork. On a per-print basis, a Giclee print is more expensive than traditional methods used to create such replicas, but artists can print and sell each Giclee print individually matching demand making Giclee a very economical alternative for creating limited edition prints. An added advantage of Giclee printing is that the artist can have complete control in all aspects of the image. Alterations, color, size, and what it is printed on can all be manipulated by the artist, along with the freedom for the artist to own and operate the printer as well. Giclee printing has been rapidly growing and becoming the number one choice of fine art reproductions. Many printer and print media manufacturers have been working to improve their product contributing tremendously to the increase in overall Giclee print quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also ship to Europe? Internationally?
Yes, we do. Please ask us to quote the shipping for you.

What is Giclée?
Giclée (pronounced "zhee-clay") is the highest quality fine art reproduction available. The printing process involves the use of advanced computer technology, professional grade large format printers, archival inks, and acid free watercolor papers and canvas.

What is Limited Edition?
A limited edition is a series of similar or identical looking prints, sculptures, or other fine art reproductions normally hand signed and numbered by the artist. Limited editions have an assigned number of prints that will be produced.

What is Open Edition?
An open edition is a series of identical prints, sculptures, or other fine art reproductions that can be hand signed by the artist and created in unlimited numbers.

What is the advantage of Giclee Prints compared to other fine art reproduction techniques?
Giclée prints are created with specially formulated archival inks which provide greater longevity than those used in lithography or silkscreen prints.

Are these prints smudge-proof and waterproof?
Yes. They also may be additionally coated with UV coatings/varnishes which increase durability. Giclee prints of pastels and watercolors which are printed on paper should be framed behind glass. Like original oil paintings on canvas, giclee prints on canvas do not require framing behind glass, especially if varnished.

How long are my prints going to last?
Under normal lighting conditions, our inks will not show noticeable fading for at least 200 years. Although, it is not recommended by ink and media manufacturers that prints be exposed to direct sunlight, especially for long periods of time. If you handle your giclee just as you would with an original - with care and caution - than it will last even longer than the original.

What if I need a print larger then a posted size of a particular artwork?
Some artists are open to custom size one of a kind releases. You need to contact us inquiring about a chosen artwork. If the artist approves such release you can count on up to 44"x83" on canvas and 34"x46" on watercolor paper.

What is a certificate of authenticity?
It is a certificate supplied with each sold giclee print, that provides information about Copyright ownership, print title, size, media, number in the limited edition, edition size, release date, printer name, etc. The certificate gives you a guaranty of museum quality standards and fine art value. SEE OURCERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY

How do I change the position of my paintings?
To change the position of your paintings you would have to go to the position option. Type in the position you would like the painting to be in on your site and then click change details.

Can you stretch/frame my print?
Yes, please call us for details.

Do you offer a quantity discount?
Yes, please call us for an estimate.

What are the terms of payment?
We require payment in full when the order is placed. We accept checks, money orders, major credit cards, and PayPal payments.

Are these artworks copyrighted?
Yes, the artist's themselves or their publishers own copyrights for the listed artworks. Only the artworks by old masters of the 19th century and older are copyright free. Read more on our Copyright for Visual Artists page.

What are collections?
A collection is a group of prints that all fall in the same category, for example one artist can have 3 collections: 'Landscapes', 'Floral', 'Abstracts'. Putting prints in the appropriate collection makes navigation and sorting of the prints more convenient.

How do I organize my work for fast and convenient use?
The best way to do this would be to utilize the Collections option. By putting your work in collections you will have the work you want where you want with a click of the collection title. You can have as many collections you want and group your work however you would like.

Will brushstrokes change the appearance of my print?
No. The print will still be practically identical to the original. A print without brushstrokes will have a smooth flat surface medium. The brushstroked print will mimic the original brushstrokes giving it a more textured surface. The actual resemblance of the print to the original is not changed at all. The surface medium is the only difference which can actually make it look even more identical to the original.

Will my print be distorted if I want to make it a different size from the original?
No. Not at all. A difference in size will not change the quality of the image. All of the sizes available will be crisp and beautiful. Taking your original up or down in size for a print is very common.

Can you print one of my color originals in black and white?
Yes. That is not a problem at all.

Can I gallery wrap a print that I would like to frame?
Yes. A gallery wrap can be done for a print that will be framed. For this request though, a floater frame is the best option. A floater frame does not directly touch the sides of the print. This feature gives the appearance that the print is floating within it, allowing the entire print to be seem - including the beautiful gallery wrapped sides. A normal frame can be used for a print that has a gallery wrap, but it is basically pointless because the sides cannot be seen. This is usually not recommended.

Do I have to be a "professional" artist to have a website?
Many artists have websites with us. Some artists are very successful and internationally known, and others are not well known who use their art more for their own enjoyment. The type of artists you are and you want to be is completely up to you, but we take all of our artists very seriously. We provide a professional website for you to use however you would like - no matter what kind of artist you are.

What type of art is this website for?
The website can be for pretty much any type of art. Paintings, photogrpahy, ink drawings, pencil drawings, charcoal drawings, mixed media works, etc.

Can I have a picture of a piece of art scanned and printed without having the original?
Yes. We can scan a clear picture of an artwork and resize it and print it as if were scanned from the original. This is not very common, but as long as the picture is clear and not extremely small it can be done with beautiful results.

Will a print match exactly what it looks like on my computer screen?
It may, only if you are lucky! The way a picture appears on your screen depends on your screen settings like contrast, brightness, color profile, etc. The same picture may appear different on different screens. The same picture printed on different media or on a different printer will appear different as well. What you can count on is that the print will look beautiful and very close to the original artwork.

Can I have my final print files saved on disc?
Yes. We can save all of the final files that we create for your print and put them on a disc for you. All of our files are saved and ready for print anytime.

Should I have my print printed on canvas or fine art paper?
That choice is completely up to you. It is possible for originals done on canvas to be printed on paper and vice versa. Although, it is common to have the print done on whatever the original is done on.

Do all types of art (paintings, photograph, drawings, etc.) have the same top quality results when scanned and printed, or does one have better results than the other?
All of the art that we print has the same beautiful end result. Photographs, paintings, and drawings all have the same high level professional quality when they are a completed print.

Can I have artwork printed without it being scanned if I provide you with a digital file of it?
Of course you can. This is common, and as long as the file is a compatible format and of the right resolution, it can easily be done.

Can I completely or just slightly change the appearance of an original by modifying contrast or altering colors for a print?
Yes. Any type of custom work done to a print would have to be clearly specified to us. Please call for further information.

Will the colors on my print seem any different if they are done on paper instead of canvas?
No. The colors will be the same whether printed on canvas or fine art paper. Obviously paper and canvas have their differences when printed on, but the colors and image itself will not be effected.

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