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Giclee is a term invented for the procedure of creating fine art prints through a digital supplier using inkjet printing. The word “Giclee”, which is based on the French word “gicleur” meaning “nozzle”, was originated by a printmaker named Jack Duganne. It was created to represent inkjet based digital prints that were used as fine art and to distinguish the customary industrial “Iris proofs” from the fine art prints produced on those same kind of printers. Originally alotted for fine art prints produced on Iris printers with an operation invented early in the 1990’s, the term “Giclee” has since stood for any top quality inkjet print.
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  Art Gallery:  Select Color

Beige (120)
Beige has the same characteristics of a chameleon, mimicking some of the attributes of warm or cool colors it is accompanying. Alone, beige is a calm and neutral background. It is a neutral color with some of the warmth brown provides, and the clean, coolness of white. Sometimes beige is seen as dull and quite boring, unless it is coupled with other colors. When touched with shades of pink or yellow, it can take on some of their attributes. Purple and pink matched with beige make for a conservative, yet feminine look. With browns, greens, and oranges, beige can make a palette that is very earthly. Black makes beige a little stronger and adds some sophistication. To a palette of cool blues, beige could warm them up nicely without overpowering.
Black (199)
Death, power, mystery, elegance, evil and formality all are directly associated with the color black. A powerful color linked with the unknown and fear, black usually has a connotation that is not very positive. Sadness, mourning , and seriousness are also associated with black. Black is known to symbolize strength and a feeling of authority; it is considered a very elegant and prestigious color. Black is the symbol of grieving and grief in heraldry. A feeling of depth and perspective are given by the color black, but a black background can reduce readability greatly. Black clothing can make a person seem thinner. Black contrasts extremely well with brighter colors. Black can give a very aggressive color scheme when combined with other very strong colors, such as orange, yellow, or red.
Black & White (86)
Black & White
The combination of black & white appears both in nature and the man-made world quite often. Black & white creates an entirely different look then it would if it was in color. An image can become very personal and have much more meaning in black & white rather then in color. Black & white is cheerless, lacking joy and enthusiasm, and other passionate emotions. It can convey mourning and dark emotions, such as depression and loss, which color cannot compare to. In photography, shooting outside when it is cloudy would best be done in black & white. The absence of the proper lighting will usually make photos in color seem dull. In black & white, they will appear as fantastic as one intended. Black & white together offer heavy contrast and stand out strongly. Symbolically, black & white have a connotation of two total opposites uniting to make one complete whole.
Blue (310)
Blue is the color of the skies and water. It is quite often connected with stability and depth. It symbolizes confidence, wisdom, intelligence, loyalty, truth, and faith. Blue is known to be beneficial to ones mind and body. It slows the human metabolism and produces an effect that is very calming. Calmness and tranquility are commonly associated with the color blue. Blue would be a smart idea when promoting products or services that are related to cleanliness, air, and water. As opposed to colors such as red or yellow which have an emotionally warm effect; blue is more connected to consciousness and intellect. Blue is good to use when wanting to represent precision and sharpness. Blue is very masculine; a favorite among males. Darker blues are a preferred color in corporate America, having to do much so with there association with stability, expertise and depth.
Brown (207)
Down to earth and natural is the color brown. It is a neutral color. It is found in abundance in nature, in many living things and also non-living things such as stone and soil. Brown has alot less intensity than other colors. Wholesomeness and earthliness are represented by the color brown. While considered a little dull, it also represents good health, friendliness, steadfastness, and a sense of simplicity and dependability. Brown and its lighter brothers in beige, cream, or tan make fantastic backgrounds which help accompanying colors seem to be much more rich and bright. Honesty and a feeling of nurturing pure warmth can be conveyed using the color brown. Brown is considered to be a fall/winter color, even when it is found in natural environments year–round. It is considered a very casual color, more so than black.
Gray (93)
Like green, gray is a very balanced color. Very cool and also conservative, it rarely represents strong emotions. It is a neutral color that is usually associated with cloudiness or moodiness. Like the color black, gray is known as a color of mourning and also formality. Mediocrity is symbolized by gray, the noise in the background. Morally, gray is used in a derogatory sense to explain a situation that has no straight forward moral value, or in a positive sense to bring balance to an all black or white perspective (such as the term “shades of gray”). Pessimism is represented by gray, while rose usually represents optimism. Gray, in any shade, can be a fine background color with its strong neutrality. Light grays would generally replace white, while dark would do the same for black.
Green (213)
Green is the color of life. Abundant in our natural world, green symbolizes growth, health our environment, and freshness. But on the other hand, green stands for jealousy and envy, and is also sometimes associated with inexperience. Green has the great power to heal. For the human eye, green is the most calm, restful color; vision is even known to improve from it. Endurance and stability are common associations of the color green. Sometimes green portrays a lack of experience. In heraldry, green indicates growth and hope. While red is known to indicate danger, as in stop signs or warnings, green commonly represents safety – the color in traffic of free passage. A darker green is associated with currency. It has a strong relationship to money and wealth. Green is a very balanced color. It is harmonious with both its effects to warm and cool.
Light Blue (183)
Light Blue
Light blue is noticed as a very calm and relaxing color. It is the color of choice sometimes for hospital rooms because of this characteristic. As pink is commonly known in most western cultures to represent girls, light blue is the representative of boys. Light blue is a very popular choice for the color of bathrooms, probably because it is very much so associated with water. Although, cyan is the correct color in which water is. Another association of light blue is coldness. When paired with white, light blue can be highly associated with winter and its characteristics, such as snow and ice. Tranquility, healing power, good health, clear understanding and gentleness are also associations of light blue. When a light blue is paired with a dark blue it portrays honesty and trust, which is why these are a banker’s colors.
Orange (159)
Orange is a mix of the happiness yellow gives off and the aggressive energy that red exudes. It is a tropical color associated with joyfulness and sunshine. Fascination, attraction, stimulation, creativity, enthusiasm and happiness are a few associations with the color orange. Orange is a very hot color when seen by the human eye, being so; it emits a sensation of heat. Even so, orange lacks the aggressiveness of the color red. Orange is known to positively stimulate mental activity and create a lively, energetic effect. It is also known to enhance oxygen flow to the brain. It is a favorite amongst young people. Being a citrus color, it is connected to health beneficial foods and is said to be an appetite stimulant. Orange is directly connected to fall and the reaping season of crops. If you want to be noticed, subtly and not loudly, go with orange; it is an attention grabber.
Pink (58)
Pink is a soft, toned down red. Without being as violent and aggressive as red, it is reds sweeter side. Little girls and pink go hand in hand. While red is stirring up passionate emotions and wild action in people, in studies, pink was shown to affect a person’s physical strength and actually make them weaker. Possibly, pinks connection with so called “weaker sex” has something to do with this reaction. Pink is linked to love just as red is, but while red denotes a fiery passion, pink is more a representative of romance and charm. Playfulness and a tender feeling can be created using pink. When combined with burgundy or purple, darker shades of pink can create a sense of power. Every shade of the color pink becomes sophisticated when matched with black, dark blues, or gray. When matched with bright, light colors, pink becomes fun and playful.
Purple (108)
A combination of blues solidity and reds vigor is purple. Royalty and purple are highly connected. Luxury, strength, ambition and nobleness are associated with purple. Extravagant in nature, purple very much denotes wealth. Purple also signifies magic, creativity, wisdom, and dignity. Purples place in nature is seen as sacred. Flowers including the orchid, lilac, and violet are all precious and exquisite. Mixed with warm and cool colors, purple has both of these qualities. A room painted purple can ignite a youngster’s imagination or upsurge the creativity of an artist. Moodiness can be an affect of purple overdose. Deeper, brighter shades of purple indicate wealth and riches, while lighter shades signify romance and a delicate nature. Purple shades with more red are ideal for warm color schemes, while shades containing more blue would be good for cooling down.
Red (179)
Red is universally known as the color of blood and fire. Naturally, it signifies danger, violence, energy and intensity. On a lighter side, red is connected with love and heated passion. Red is the color of the devil and is also the color of cupid. Red is an extremely emotionally ardent color. It is known to actually boost the human metabolism, cause respiration rate to increase, and raise the pressure of blood. Reds visibility is very high. It is because of this that stop signs and warning signs are red. Accordingly to heraldry, red signifies courage. Many of the world’s nation’s flags contain the color red. Grabbing attention and sparking action in people can come from using red. If fading in the background is something you don’t want, red would be a great choice. A small dose of red goes very far, and quite often, can have greater effectiveness than a bigger one.
Rose (44)
Rose is a cousin of red with a softer, more subtle demeanor. Rose is less pugnacious and more friendly than red. Rose is a favorite with interior designers. Many use this color for bedrooms, most commonly among young women. Rose has numerous shades. Lipstick, shoes and clothes in all of the many shades are very popular with women. Rose is naturally related to love and romance because of the flower, which is a symbol of Valentines Day. Rose is known to signify optimism. When someone is said to see through rose colored glasses, completely ignoring the negative and only focusing in on the positive, they would be considered an optimist. Rose used in place of red will give a less forceful appearance. Paired with black, it becomes a more assertive color making a powerful combination.
Sepia (34)
The vibrant, brownish pigment obtained from a cuttlefish’s ink sac is what sepia is named after. Even though the ink is replaced presently by more modern dyes, the pigment was utilized widely much earlier on. Sepia ink in classical times was customarily used as ink for writing. Sepia gives photographs an antique, old fashioned, genuine look. It conveys a nostalgic result. It is used commonly to resemble an aging effect in photographs. Sepia tone is a digital photo where the images mimic traditional print in black & white toned with sepia. Contradictory to greyscale, brown shades are what it appears in. An image in sepia has its trademark brown nature directly from development. This is due to a chemical reaction which happens while processing. Color-faster than the usual color print, they shouldnt fade alot as time passes.
White (231)
White is the color of the all that is good. Faith and hope are connected with white. A virgin wears white to signify her innocence and purity. Perfection is represented by the color white. White is associated with cleansing, and safety. While black is the representative of the dark side and evil, white commonly stands for good, and positivism. A positive, fresh start can be portrayed by the color white. A brilliant color to the human eye, it is known to create headaches and have a blinding effect. White can depict softness and cleanliness. The color white has the ability to change any color scheme. Some cream colors, ivory, and beige contain the same qualities as white, yet, they are more repressed. They do not match pure whites brilliance. A summery feel can be created with a large dose of white. With a small dose, you can make a winter pallette softer and imply snow.
Yellow (184)
Sunshine is yellow. Yellow represents happiness, energy, and joy. It creates a sensation of warmth. It also brings about cheerfulness, boosts mental activity, and is known to positively create energy in muscles. Food and the color yellow are commonly connected. A true attention grabber, bright yellow is brilliant; hence the color of taxicabs. Yellow can become upsetting when too much is used. A room painted yellow is known to be disturbing for a baby. Yellow is commonly used to ensue a warning. This is due to the fact that yellow is picked up by the human eye first over other colors if set on black. Yellow is generally known to represent cowardice. Even though yellow can function as a primary color, yellow works most successfully paired with others. Yellow is a great color to use to bring forth excitement, especially in cases where oranges or reds are too intense.

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